Evelyn Serrano

artist + educator + community organizer + curator

The Memory Bank Project, multimedia/multiplatform


In early 2010 I was invited to be a part of an art exhibition curated by Annie Buckley and John Souza entitled “Psychic Outlaws”, at CalState University/Los Angeles’ Luckman Arts Complex. The curators invited a group of artists and writers to create original artwork based on our readings and interpretation of the novel by the same title, written by Buckley a couple of years earlier. Given my interest in the topics of memory, language, and translation, I was immediately drawn to the first section of the book (The Memory) in which we meet the main character, and learn that she “just didn’t have any memories, save the one.” Emily holds onto this single memory of her childhood “like a talisman”.

The Memory Bank Project is an ongoing multimedia work that begun when I started collecting memories and stories sent to me by friends, family as well as complete strangers. The texts and images I received were the seed for a performance piece conceived in collaboration with voice artist and performer Carmina Escobar. We created translations of the texts by having Carmina read some of the texts while recording her vocalizations onto paper. The resulting prints were exhibited together with a video recording of the performance. All the texts and images have been compiled in a book entitled “The Memory bank Project”.

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Project website: http://homeformemories.blogspot.com/

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